Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bigotry and Mass Murderers Blogger: Being Sane Takes Too Much Work

Park Dietz, a well-known forensic psychiatrist who has testified in several high-profile criminal cases of mass murderers, does not believe that bigotry is a mental disorder.  There is no biological basis for bigotry the way there is for real mental illness.  Bigotry doesn't even necessarily have to disrupt the way a person lives his life and contributes to society.  Studies have shown only around 22% of mass murderers suffer from clinical mental illnesses, while the rest are people with narcissistic and paranoid traits.  This includes: entitlement, self-righteousness and resentment.  This may lead to a combination of murderous rage, utter hopelessness and suicidal despair feelings.  But if these feelings have only occurred only at the time of the killings, this is not mental illness.      Julia Craven    Huffington Post

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