Thursday, August 13, 2015

11 of the world's most expensive foods

1  AYEM CEMINI CHICKEN  Indonesian breed of chicken  $2,500 a chicken    2  BLUEFIN TUNA  Used in sushi and sashimi  $3,500lb.   3 KAPI LUWAK COFFEE  Most expensive coffee in the world.  It is in the bowl movement of the Asian palmcivet.  It's controversial due to cruel conditions the animals are kept in.    4  TO'AK CHOCOLATE  81% pure cocoa dark chocolate  $260 oz.     5  PINEAPPLES  Grown in a manure-heated pit in the U.K.  It takes years to mature.  $16,000 a pineapple     6  HOP SHOOTS  Called the most expensive vegetable in the world.  It resembles asparagus.  It only comes once a year in the spring.  $600lb.     7  LA BONNOTTE POTATOES  Grown only on Noirmoutier- an island off the west coast of France.  $300lb.     8  SAFFRON  Comes from the stamens of a crocus, which requires high maintenance.  Blooms for one week a year and produces only about three stamens.  Must be picked by hand.  $2,000 to 10,000lb.     9  WHITE TRUFFLE  White truffles are from Italy   They usually go for $300lb.  The worlds largest truffle at 4lbs. was sold for $95,000.     10  YUBARI MELON  They are considered a status symbol in Japan.  They are often given as gifts.  They are usually sold for $7,500 a melon.  Nearly two years ago in Japan, a pair sold for $15,730.     11  JAPANESE WAGYO BEEF  Considered the caviar of beef.  If you can't afford this, the American counterpart is Kobe-style beef.  It costs a function of the price Japan charges, which is $300 to 1,300lb.

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