Monday, July 13, 2015


SAM AND HOLEY BRANSON  net worth $4.2B  Virgin Group       ALLEGRA VERSACE  At age 18, she inherited half of her late uncle's, Gianni Versace, fashion empire.  It was valued at $700M.      JENNIFER, RORY AND PHOEBE GATES  Each child will receive about $10M out of a fortune worth $66B.  Most is going to charity.           ARIANA AND CAMILLA ROCKEFELLER    Inheritance unknown          DELPHINE ARNAULT  Her father, Bernard Arnault, is the richest man on the planet.  His net worth is $25B.  Inheritance is $4B.        ATHINA ONASSIS  Only surviving heir of the Greek shipping giant, Aristole Onassis.  She received half of his fortune at age 18.  The other half went to charity.        AERIN LAUDER   Estee Lauder was her grandmother.  Her stake in the company is half a million.       PARIS LATSIS   This socialite's family empire spreads from shipping to other markets like oil and real estate.  Net worth holds at about $7.5B.         DONALD JR., IVANKA AND ERIC TRUMP  The three oldest of Donald's 5 children have stepped out into their father's empire.        PARIS AND NICKY HILTON  Granddaughters of man behind Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hilton.  He pledged most of their would-be-inheritance to charity in 2007.  They still have millions at their disposal.

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