Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Negative Thinking

I sometimes have the tendency to blow a situation out of proportion.  Most of the time I perceive it negative.  Instead of taking  a step back and reviewing everything after the bad emotions subside some, I decide there is no hope.  So, I just give up.  For example, when I was much younger I went to school for skin care.  I went on to receive my esthetician's license.  The school was in a small town.  It never occurred to me the school was only teaching enough to pass the State Board exams.  So when I moved to the Golden Isles area of Georgia, I had visions of wealthy clients and a hefty paycheck.  Even though I was very anxious on the day of the interview, I was able to go.  I went through the complete facial as I was taught.  The manger of the spa was very encouraging.  She explained that I needed more training before I could actual perform the skin care techniques on clients.  She recommended I start out as one of the assistants that work that whole area. When she felt I was ready, she would then start to train me.  Somewhere between agreeing to this and the ride home, I felt humiliated. When I was home, I was inconsolable.  If I had just remembered the positive parts of the interview.  Also I should have kept in mind, this was Sea Island.  Everything there has a three star or better rating.  My expectations were unrealistic.  The thing that slipped my mind was everyone who was hired at hair salons, had to be retrained. Even though they had their cosmetology license.  I do believe my illness clouded my judgment on how the interview went.  Now that it is years later, I realize that I did not make a fool of myself. The manager was not belittling when she suggested I work my way up. I know the signs now if I start to exaggerate a situation. Even with medicine and the warning signs, it is still hard for me to see the situation as it really is. Automatically, I want to believe the worst.

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