Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Housekeeping: A to Z Guide to Feeling Happier Part 2

O: OPEN an orange.  The smell of orange can calm you.  Certain aromas trigger nostalgic feelings.  P: PICK up the tab.  Treating a friend offers a big happiness boost.  Just spending even $5 on another person can make significant difference in your mood.  Q:  QUIET time.  Sometimes taking your mind off of what you need to focus on, can lead you to creative solutions.  10 to 20 minute breaks every 2 hours helps your brain to maintain peak function.  R: RUB down.  A massage can ease anxiety in as little as 5 minutes.  S: SAVE up.  Saving for something special gives the satisfaction of anticipation.  T: TUNE in.  Listening to upbeat music will boost your mind. Any tune will do as long as it lifts your spirits and makes you feel exuberant.  U: UNPLUG at night.  Turning off and unplugging electronics before bed can improve your brain in the long run.  V: VACATION  Research suggest there's joy in anticipating a trip, not just taking it.  W: Wine  A study found that people who drank 2 to 7 glasses of wine a week, were less likely to get depressed.  X: X-PRESS Creatively expressing yourself can reduce fatigue and even depression.  Y: YOUTUBE clips that make you laugh, can give you a rush of feel-good endorphins and reduce stress hormones helping you relax almost instantly.  Z: ZZZ Naps deliver a restorative effect that can turn a bad day good.  Sleep plays a huge role in you mental state.

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