Sunday, July 12, 2015

Foods that aren't exactly food. Prevention

COFFEE MATE CREAM that isn't cream.  Actual "cream" needs to be refrigerated.    POTATO CHIPS that aren't potato chips.  They are labeled "potato crisps" because some have only 40% of potato content.  Especially those in the form of dried potato flakes.   CHEESE that's not cheese.  Individually wrapped slices that are "processed cheese product".  Real cheese has only 4 ingredients.  Some brands have 15.   WASABI that's not wasabi.  Washington Post reported that 99% of all "wasabi" served in the U.S. is just horseradish with some food dyes added.  Real wasabi is too expensive.  It is $70 for 1/2 pound.   CRAB that is not crab.  Most is ground-up whitefish like Pollack.   VANILLA that's not vanilla.  Most imitation vanillas.  They contain potentially dangerous caramel color and mysterious natural flavor.  Some even use extract from a beaver's backside.   GUM that's not gum.  Most major brands are make from "gum base", a proprietary blend of synthetic rubbers and plastics.  They are not the natural gums harvested from tropical trees.  Also, artificial sweeteners are added.

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