Monday, June 8, 2015

Unbelievable Pregnancy Superstitions Woman's Day

INDIA-  Many pregnant women believe the most dangerous time for unborn babies is during an eclipse.  Women will shut all the windows so the rays of the eclipse do not touch the pregnant woman which the superstitious think could give the baby deformities.    HAWAII-  Mothers-to-be steer clear of wearing leis the traditional way.  They wear ones that are left open instead.  Closed lei symbolizes the choking of the child by the umbilical cord.   RUSSIA-  Do not tell expectant mom she's glowing.  They believe compliments tend to be insecure and actually send evil to the recipient.  To ward them off, they would tie a red thread or attach a safety pin to the stroller so the baby inside wouldn't get sick.    LIBERIA-  In this West African country, do not reach out for a pregnant belly.  Moms worry evil forces might steal the baby from the womb.  They guard themselves during pregnancy.  Only close family and friends touch the stomach.    CHINA-  Pregnant women do not attend funerals to avoid negative feelings, if they must, they tie a red ribbon around stomachs for protection.  They don't attend weddings because the joy for the baby may overshadow the joy for the bride. They should stay far away from the bride.   BULGARIA-  They keep pregnancies hush-hush to keep bad spirits from the child.  They don't say anything about the pregnancy to anyone else other than her partner for the first three months.    USA and AUSTRALIA(English-speaking countries)-  People say if a woman experience heartburn during pregnancy her baby will be born with a lot of hair.    ETHIOPIA-  Women have often resisted giving birth outside their home.  They feel if they leave on a stretcher to get proper care, you will not return.    JEWS AROUND THE WORLD-  Baby showers during pregnancy are considered bad luck. 

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