Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Famous Folks With Exotic Pets II Mandatory

MILEY CYRUS  Bubba Sue is her very fat pig.  Miley also has chickens, too.    KRISTEN STEWART has a pet wolf dog named Jack.  Her mother raises the hybrid animals, which are legal in some states.    THE KARDASHIANS  In 2009, they adopted a chimpanzee Suzy.  After a showbiz monkey had just viciously attacked its owner days prior.  The family claims the photos posted of the monkey were about 6 months old and it was just inconvenient timing.   LEONARDO DICAPRIO  He paid $400 for a tortoise.  The name is unknown.  In 2010, it was 7 years old and 45 pounds.  It can possibly grow up to 200 pounds and live as long as 80 years.    STEVEN TYLER had a pet raccoon named Bandit.  Raccoons are legal to own and are trained in the same manner as most dogs.  But, they use a litter box for potty training.  He says he would put the coon on his shoulder when he went fishing.

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