Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Foods that whiten and brighten your smile

APPLES & STRAWBERRIES contain malic acid and Vit C.  Malic acid is like an astringent that helps remove surface stains and the Vit C helps remove plaque.  Brush with a little grated apple once in a while.  BAKING SODA does lighten a tooth's "yellow hue" over time.  BROCCOLI makes your mouth produce more saliva which washes away debris and keeps bacteria and plaque down.  CARROTS is another mouthwatering foods .  Their crisp texture acts as a natural exfoliant for surface stains.  CAULIFLOWER'S crunch is a great way to brush stains away from the surface of teeth.  Anything that activates saliva production is good for washing away potential stains before they start.  CELERY naturally buffs teeth and adds to their pearlescence.  The stringy parts and crunchy crispy texture make celery a natural toothbrush because it helps to remove what's stuck between teeth.  Helps keep gums healthy and keeps tooth surface clean.  ORANGES or orange peel can polish teeth, stimulate gums, help prevent new stains from forming.  PEARS whiten teeth because they scrub the top layer of enamel to remove stains.  YOGURT is high in calcium.  It can keep teeth and enamel strong and hard.  Less chance of tooth decay.    THE DAILY MEAL

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