Friday, May 1, 2015

Banned baby names around the world Part 2

GERMANY does not allow surnames or names of objects to be used as proper nouns. They should be gender specific and not unisex.  Forget names like Anderson, Taylor, Toby, Quinn and Matt. The naming guidelines from GERMAN officials suggest that a child's name should not be likely to lead to humiliation. The officials in Cologne, Germany denied a Turkish couple to name their child Osama Bin Laden.The name Hitler is also banned. A judge in the UNITED STATES banned the name Messiah in 2013. According to the judge, the word Messiah was a title earned by only one person, Jesus Christ. The decision was later overturned. Names starting with a C are outlawed in ICELAND because the letter does not exist in Icelandic alphabet. As of 1991, the Icelandic Naming Committee decides whether a child's name is acceptable or not. In MOROCCO, "Sarah" cannot be used because of its Hebrew origin. The Arabic version "Sara" has to be used. A fee has to be paid if a couple wants to choose an off-list name like Adam. List of names banned in SWEDEN include Metallica, Ikea and Q. In NEW ZEALAND, government prohibits the use of titles like Prince, Princess, King, Major, Sargent or Knight. This could cause offense to a reasonable person.

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