Wednesday, May 20, 2015


About a third of Americans live in area where allergies could be made worse by a combination of high ozone levels and ragweed pollen.  The top cities with this allergy-inducing combo dubbed the "SNEEZIEST & WHEEZIEST" are: RICHMOND VIRGINIA, MEMPHIS TENNESSEE, OKLAHOMA CITY, PHILADELPHIA, CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE CHICAGO, DETROIT, NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT, ALLENTOWN PENNSYLVANIA and ATLANTA.  A new report found that there were 275 U.S counties that had at least one day on unhealthy ozone conditions and had ragweed in the area. Other plants could also increase pollen production due to global warming, so people allergic to this plants could experience worsening allergies in areas where ragweed does not grow.  The National Resources Defense Council (an environmental advocacy group in New York) recommends that the EPA strengthen the limits on carbon pollution from power plants and lower the allowable level of ozone in the air.  The government should also improve they way it tracks the pollen levels.  They recommend for allergy suffers to keep track of the pollen count in their area.  Keep their doors and windows closed on especially high pollen or high ozone/smog days.  People should also avoid outdoor activities on days with high ozone levels or perform these activities in the morning when the ozone levels and pollen counts are lower.           Information provided by LiveScience

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