Sunday, May 24, 2015

7 totally weird ways to get arrested in Europe Huffington Post

If you run out of gas on German autobahn.  Hanging clothes out to dry on a Sunday in Switzerland.  Kids cannot be on train platforms in France. (Was to prevent rail delays in 1910. Ban is still on the books)  Urinating in a canal in the Netherlands. (Unless you're pregnant, that's legal)  Don't pee in the ocean while in Portugal.  Will be arrested in Italy if a man wears a skirt in public.  Don't wear stilettos while visiting Greek monuments.  They are wounding the ancient monuments.  Heels are banned at many landmarks.  What you can do legally in Europe   MURDER SOMEONE within the ancient walls of York, England.  BUT, only if, carrying a bow and arrow. Archaic law is still on books.

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