Thursday, May 7, 2015

12 of the most commonly banned dog breeds in the world

9.  PERRO DE PRESA MALLORQUIN  Extremely intelligent and powerful.  Not easy to handle and were bred to fight.  If not taught to be obedient, they can be dangerous.   10. AMERICAN BULLDOG  Strong-willed canines are banned in Denmark and Singapore.  In 2009, a child was severely mauled.  In 2011, one was killed after attacking children on a school bus.   11.  ROTTWEILER  Strong will to guard their owner.  Extremely powerful breed that can sometimes act dangerous. In 2011, 4 out of 33 recorded dog attack fatalities were caused by Rottweilers.  Banned in Poland, Romania, Portugal and Ireland.   12.  BLOODHOUND  Their origins as a hunting dog still scare many people away.  They can weigh up to 160 pounds and can stand up to 27 inches.    Information by Mom.Me

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