Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weird Things Fast Food Does to Your Brain

BURGER KING COULD BLOW YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.   Toronto researchers asked participants the choice of choosing a cash reward the next day and a slightly bigger one the next week.  Those that were asked to pick while standing next to a fast-food restaurant were 40% more likely to opt for the smaller speedier payout than those who were questioned near a full-service eatery.  Four similar experiments all linked the presence of fast-food places to impatient, I-want-it-now financial decisions.    THE GOLDEN ARCHES MAKE YOU HUNGRIER.  Studies have found that seeing the combination of red and yellow help kickstart your metabolism, increasing hunger.    TACO BELL MAY GIVE YOU THE BLUES.  Eating foods high in sugar and fat actually changes the chemical activity in your brain, causing signs of withdrawal and depression if you stop consuming them.    SONIC CAN LEAVE YOU STRUNGOUT.  One study showed mice who ate fatty, sugar-laden foods- like those found on fast-food menus- in large enough quantities, can lead to compulsive overeating habits that are similar to drug addiction.

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