Friday, April 10, 2015

Things Unhappy People Do Info by POPSUGAR

(1)  They worry about things they can't change.  (2) They give up when things get too hard.  (3) They take themselves too seriously.  (4) They never exercise.  (5) They set unattainable goals for themselves.  (6) They eat unhealthy foods often.  (7) They focus on their weaknesses not their strengths.  (8) They spend too much time on social media.  (9) They stay in their comfort zones.  (10) They worry about what other people think.  (11) They gossip or speak negatively about others.  (12) They work too much.  (13) They isolate themselves.  (14) They never indulge themselves.  (15) They're ok with settling.  (16) They refuse to forgive.  (17) They avoid planning and organization.  (18) They focus only on themselves. (19) They don't get enough sleep.

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