Wednesday, April 8, 2015


#1   Charles and Camilla carried on a romantic relationship from the 70's and into marriages to other people.  A flirty conversation was caught on tape in 1992.  It was embarrassing for them, as well as, Diana and the Royal family.    #2  Princess Margaret (younger, less serious sister of future Queen Elizabeth) fell in love with a divorced man 16 years her senior,  She was told she would have to give up her royal life if she chose to marry him.  She chose not to.  Instead, she married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960.  He became the Earl of Snowdon.  The marriage collapsed.  There was talk of the Earl having affairs, drug use and heavy drinking.  The princess was caught with a young lover, her husband played the victim.  After the divorce, it was discovered that Lord Snowdon may have fathered a child months before the marriage.    #3  Princess Di met Prince Charles when he was dating her older sister.    #4  In 1973, Princess Anne married Lieutenant Mark Phillips.  He went on to have an affair with a New Zealand woman.  He fathered a child in 1985.  Princess Anne divorced him in 1992.  She remarried.  She was the first royal divorcee to remarry since Henry VIII.    #5  August 1992, cameras caught Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, with her toes in the mouth of Texas businessman John Bryan.  She was separated from Prince Andrew, but it still brought embarrassment to the royal family.    #6  In 1995, Princess Di admitted to a 5-year affair with James Hewitt.  After her death, he caused a scandal by trying to sell her love letters.   POPSUGAR

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