Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jazzin Up The Fries Bon Appetit

SWAP OUT THE POTATO    Any starchy root veggie- parsnips, rutabagas, sweet potato, kohlrabi and celery root.  BAKED PARSNIPS WITH ROSEMARY   CHANG THE SHAPE OF THE FRIES  Shape, thickness and size- shoelace-style or crunchy steak fry potato wedges    CHANGE UP THE OIL  Lard or duck fat-fried potatoes are heartier and meatier than vegetable oil alternatives.    DIFFERENT SALTS  Mushroom salt with porcini powder or add brightness with citrus zest salt.  Fennel seeds, flecks of dried garlic or finely chopped herbs.    GREAT COMBINATIONS  Chipotle-lime , Coffee-paprika or Sichuan-sesame.    Sea salt- American-sourced varieties.    USE OLD BAY  Iconic seafood seasoning loved for its salty, smoky and sweet flavor.  It has paprika, mustard, black and red pepper.  Savory spices like mace, cloves or allspice.    Upgrade Your dip  Ketchup with Sriracha  Mayonnaise  Mayo add-ins  Chopped chives  Caramelized onions  Cracked black pepper  Lemon zest  Ranch and Sriracha

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