Saturday, April 18, 2015

Coolest TV Nerds

Potsie Weber & Ralph Malph: Happy Days      Todd & Lisa: SNL     The IHP Kids: The Head of the Class     Screech: Saved by the Bell     Steve Urkel: Family Matters    Carlton Banks: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air     Ross Geller: Friends     Daria Morgendorffer: Daria      Willow Rosenburg: Buffy the Vampire Slayer     The Geeks: Freaks and Geeks    Malcom: Malcom in the Middle      Chloe O'Brian: 24      Dwight Schrute: The Office    Liz Lemon: '30 Rock     Chuck Bartowski: Chuck     The Big Bang Theory Gang      New Directions: Glee     Abed Nadir: Community     Jess Day: New Girl     The Pied Piper Team: Silicon Valley                MOVIEFONE   

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