Thursday, April 2, 2015

CNBC America's Best and Worst Managed Cities

BEST:    #1  Lubbuck, Texas   Smaller cities are run better because the residents have more of a choice.    Philadelphia  Parks ranked 9th  Education ranked 10th    El Paso, Texas  It spends $200 per capita on police and achieves a crime rate of under 3%.    Dallas  Parks ranked 7th  Education was 21th  Police spending was 27th.    Pittsburgh   Funding parks was at 58th but the city excelled at education and police spending.     Worst:   5th worst was Kansas City, Missouri   Police spending at $539 per capita.  It has a crime rate at 6.7%.  It is still struggling from the Recession.    New York  The city used money for parks and recreation well.  But not for education and police.    Riverside, California  Education $1,683 per capita and it only gets a 45% average on standardize tests.  It is near the bottom.   Long Beach, California  $600 per person to keep crime rate at 3.35%.  The worst run city is Fremont, California.  It is an offshoot of Silicon Valley  Lowest poverty   Highest household income in survey  $335 per capita in police

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