Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Worst celebrity in-flight tantrums

GERALD DEPARDIEU    In 2008, this French actor was told the toilets were off-limits.  He attempted to urinate in a water bottle.  He missed and the flight had to be delayed to clean the carpet. He had to find a different way home.  SUPERMODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL was told by British Airways one of her bags had gone missing.  She hurled abuse at the cabin crew, kicking and spitting at police officers on board.  She pleaded guilty to assault, fined 2,300 pounds and 200 hours of community service.  This happened in 2008.  LIAM GALLAGHER  The frontman for OASIS was insulted by the shape of a scone served to him on Cathay Pacific in 1998. He threatened the captain with it.  He was banned from flying with the airlines.  ALEC BALDWIN was asked to leave an American Airlines flight in 2011.  He refused to stop playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS on his phone after passengers were requested to turn off electronic devices.  After the incident, WORDS WITH FRIENDS picked up another 100,000 new users in one day.  BILLY JOE ARMSTRONG  The GREEN DAY singer was asked to leave Southwest Airlines after refusing to pull up his trousers after the cabin crew felt they were slung too low.   MARTIN LAWRENCE  In 1997, he tried to board a flight to Phoenix carrying a fully-loaded Beretta handgun.   COURTNEY LOVE  She was first arrested in 1995 after aggressive behavior on a Qantas flight.  In 2003, she was arrested at Heathrow  for being verbally abusive during a flight.  In 2008, she got into trouble for a smoking incident.

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