Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weirdiest Wedding Gifts

MONEY    $100 worth of quarters  $10 in scratch tickets    A graduation card with a check for $7 and the check bounced    A hundred $1 bills rolled up in a rubber band   A check for the groom and on the FOR line was written VASECTOMY     UNUSUAL BUT USEFUL   A used walking cane   Halloween themed nutcrackers that were bride and groom skeletons   A thigh master   A hurricane evacuation backpack   A pink can opener with the word LOVE on it   24 double roll of toilet paper    Dental Floss   A high-heeled shoe cake server   A magnifying glass     UNUSUAL AND USELESS    A pet goat   Dog shock collar(couple did not own a pet)    A picture frame with the wrong initials on it     Toy soldiers(the green ones in a bag)    A 3ft.  Sponge Bob Square Pants pirate doll    Autographed picture of Bret Michaels    A cat suit     OBSCURE DECOR   Bronze Kangaroo    Zebra shower curtain   A crystal block with a face in the middle of it    Broken fake-marble horse head bookends    A nude painting(not a fine art piece either)    Rosie the Riveter bookends   Moosehead bookends    KIND OF CREEPY   A book that a male friend had written and dedicated to the wife only.    Ghost hunting equipment   Toilet paper with writing on the first few sheets   A bronze bust of the bride   A birthing video from a professional midwife   A parenting book       The Knot Editors

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