Thursday, March 5, 2015

Too Anxious? You may be experiencing these symptoms.

GAS  Eating and drinking too quickly due to nerves and overactive gut.  As your stress levels increase so does your rate of breathing and taking in extra air.   ICY HANDS AND FEET   When you're anxious, your blood flow is redirected away from your extremities toward your larger organs in your torso.    STRANGE RASHES   There is a connection between your skin and your emotions.  Anxiety can trigger eczema, other sensitivities or allergies. During stressful events, extra cortisol surges through your bloodstream, dulling your body's defenses.  That is why sometimes your normal skin care lotions will be fine and other times they turn into an irritant.   FREQUENT YAWNING  You yawn when you are nervous.  Some with generalized anxiety or panic disorder, tend to breathe more rapidly.  This makes your brain think you are not getting enough air causing you to yawn.   SPACING OUT    You start having dream-like feelings that are actually real.  This happens when you are having serious anxiety issues.  Most unnerving is feeling of unreality or the sensation that your  surroundings aren't real.  You're going through the motions, but you don't feel in control.

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