Wednesday, March 25, 2015

People can decide these things within seconds of meeting you.

"Thin slicing" is the act of meeting people and within seconds you decide all sorts of things about them.   If YOU ARE SMART:  If you look your conversation partner in the eye, wear thick glasses and/or speak expressively then you would be perceived as intelligent.    IF YOU'RE DOMINANT:  Being bald is powerful.  In a study done by the University of Pennsylvania, men with shaved heads where found more dominant than men with a full head of hair.  Bald men also were perceived as being taller and stronger than they really are.    IF YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL:  In a British-Turkish study, men in tailored suits were rated successful in just five seconds compared to off-the-rack suits.    IF YOU ARE ON THE WAY TO A PROMOTION:  In a Canadian study, crisply dressed men were expected to make more money and get promoted more rapidly than the men in casual attire.    IF YOU ARE PROMISCUOUS:  A British study found women with visible tattoos were perceived as heavy drinkers and more promiscuous than women with no ink.  Of course, this is a typical stereotype about women with tattoos.    IF YOU ARE HIGH-STATUS:  The Dutch study gave people who wore name-brand clothes higher status than wearing non-designer. They especially felt that way if wearing Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger.   IF YOU'RE ADVENTUROUS:  In a Durham University study, 26 students were watched walking.  Just a few steps were needed.  Those with a loose gait were equated with extroversion and adventure.  The ones that walk a little stiffer, were seen as neurotic.    IF YOU ARE TRUSTWORTHY:  At Princeton, one group had a short time to decide.  Another took as long as needed. Both answers were about the same.        Business Insider

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