Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cities with best & worst teams II

BEST: LOS ANGELES   Lakers have 16 championship rings.  Clippers have rose up to be playoff team.  Kings have won 2 Stanley Cups.  Crosstown rivalry between Dodgers and Angels made playoffs in 2014.     WORST: DETRIOT  Lions just had one of the bleakest seasons seen in a while.  The Pistons are mediocre at best.  Tigers are having a hard time of it also.     BEST: PITTSBURGH  "City Of Champions"  6 Super Bowl wins  2 in the last 10 years   Penguins won Stanley Cup in 2009   Once low ranking Pirates are making consecutive playoffs.     WORST:  HOUSTON  Astros have stripped the roster to completely rebuild.  Rockets and Texans shown promise but no championship.     BEST: GREEN BAY  Packers are constant playoff team who boast the reigning MVP  They won their 4th Super Bowl in 2010.     WORST: MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL  Franchise player Adrian Peterson fought legal issues during the 2014 season which did not help the Vikings.  Only won 70 games last season.  Timberwolves aren't anywhere near where they would like to be.    BEST:  MONTREAL  NHL 24 Stanley Cups victories  2015 is looking strong.  CFL may not get played much in the U.S. Alouettes won Grey Cup 3 times and appeared 5 times this century.    WORST: OAKLAND  Raider's lasr winning season was 2002.  They have been NFL's worst team since.  A's haven't come close to reaching a World Series.

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