Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cities with the best and worst teams III

BEST: SAN ANTONIO   Spurs have 5 championships since 1999.    WORST: PHILADELPHIA   76ers and Phillies both had bad seasons.  Eagles missed playoffs in 2014.    BEST: DALLAS  Mavs had the championship and remain competitive.  Cowboy's had a strong 2014 season.  Stars and Rangers are looking hopeful.    WORST: CHARLOTTE  Hornets still are far away from contention.  Panthers have won only 7 regular season games in 2014.  Hurricane is near the bottom of the NHL.   BEST: BALTIMORE  Ravens won Super Bowl in 2012 and continues to be a strong competitor.  Orioles had AL East title in 2014.    WORST: WASHINGTON DC  Redskins are having a tough time.  Nationals, Wizards and Capitals have only one championship between the three franchises that was in 1978.  The Wizards were the Bullets at that time.

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