Sunday, March 22, 2015

24/7 Wall Street- Cities that have risen and dropped in crime

These cities have been rising in crime:  GADSDEN, ALABAMA  64.5% increase over 5 years in violent crime.   LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON  67.7% rise over 5 years.   COLUMBUS, INDIANA 71.1% increase.   MEDFORD, OREGON  80.4%   The most increase over 5 years in violent crimes was BISMARK, NORTH DAKOTA with a whopping 92.4%.    The violent crime rate in these cities have dropped over a 5 year period:  CHARLESTON-NORTH CHARLESTON-SUMMERVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA -41.7%   LEXINGTON-FAYETTE KENTUCKY  -41.7%   MANHATTAN, KANSAS  -44.2   IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO  -46.1%   The biggest decrease was DUBUQUE, IOWA  at -5

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