Friday, February 13, 2015

Love comes in many forms.

Some say that animals do not have feelings. I completely disagree. I have seen a great love story. Amazingly enough is was between two cats.  When we were moving into a new house, this grey cat kept hanging around. He would always be on the front porch. We would joke he came with the house.  We named him Bobby because he was a bob cat and had no tail.  After about a month, he brought home this beautiful Persian cat. She stole our hearts.  She was just so dainty and would blink her eyes so beautiful when she would approach you.  Being that she was female, she shortly became pregnant.  Bobbi was very protective of her.  Even though he was a much older cat, he was a fighter.  When Miss Prissy (she earned that name) had her kittens, Bobbi was there to make sure no one came near.  After Miss Prissy started to leave her kittens for short periods of time, Bobbie would babysit. It was precious to see. Bobbie was always a gentleman to his love.  Many times, he would step aside so Miss Prissy could eat.  Not being able to afford to have her spayed, Miss Prissy had another litter.  Neither set of kittens resembled Bobbi.  I guess he was just too old.  But, as with the first bundle, he helped Miss Prissy.  He kept everyone in line.  I remember watching him one time while they were all eating. One of them starting moving around stealing others' food.  Bobbi stuck his big paw (claws and all) on the cat's forehead.  He wouldn't let go for a few minutes.  The cat got the message and didn't move his spot anymore.  I was taking my son to school one morning, it had been raining very hard.  On the side of the road was Bobbi.  He had been hit by a car.  Miss Prissy went off by herself for several days.  My heart ached for her.  She didn't want anyone near her.  She did not eat during this time.  Then slowly, she started to get back to her routine. But I can tell you, she never became close to another male cat again.  I believe Bobbi was her one and only love.  Miss Prissy has joined Bobbi now.   I'd like to think that they have reunited and are continuing their romance.

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