Saturday, January 10, 2015

What the HELL were they thinking? The most offense and distasteful clothes retailers have put on the market.

URBAN OUTFITTERS-  Kent State Sweatshirt with red color splatter across it appearing to be blood.  The uproar began because it reminded people of the tragic events at Kent State in 1970.  A gray t-shirt that said "Eat Less".  Another t-shirt that read "Everyone Loves A Jewish Girl".  On the shirt it had stereotypical symbols, including dollar signs.  Sears and Amazon had the bad taste to sell Swastika rings.  Their response to the public was it was hard to monitor millions of items they are selling.  VICTORIA SECRET wore an Native American headdress during one of their annual fashion shows.  Of course, they claimed their intent was not to offend anyone.  ZARA had a t-shirt that read "White is the New Black".  J.C. Penney's sweatshirt "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me", outraged mothers.  Penney's agreed the shirt did not deliver an appropriate message.  You would think the store could have figured that out BEFORE putting it on their shelves.  ABERCROMBIE & FITCH enraged people with their t-shirts on the Asian Culture.  One read, Wong Brothers' laundry service where "two Wongs can make it white".  The other, "Get your Buddha on the floor".  They also offended customers with their "Do I make you look fat?" t-shirt.  And every Halloween stores sell sexy Halloween costumes that are based on children's characters and sexy costumes made for children.

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