Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Welcome to Walmart

The employees here at my town's Walmart take their jobs very seriously.  I should know.  One day as I was heading out to the parking lot, the buzzer went off.  I knew it was not me.  I was following close behind another shopper and the buzzer went of after he went through.  I guess the greeter did not see him.  When she looked up, she only saw me.  I knew it was not me, so I just ignored her.  I kept thinking she would give up since I was already in the parking lot. No, she sprinted across the lot screaming "Mam, Mam,  Stop"  Who knew a senior citizen could run so fast. What, was she on steroids?  I looked up and everyone had stopped what they were doing.  All eyes were on me.  Since a hole in the cement didn't open and swallow me, I figured I better stop.  I tried to tell her it was not me who set the alarm off.  It was the guy before me.  She ignored this completely.  She explained to me that I had to go back into the store.  She had to check my groceries to see what had not been scanned.  Out went items.  Back in went the items.  After she checked everything, she turned to me and said "Mam, you must have been right.  It was the customer before you."  Then she raced back to her post.  As she was leaving, I heard her greeting shoppers with "Welcome to Walmart.  Have a good day."  Urrrggghhh!   

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