Thursday, January 29, 2015

Things should never be in your bedroom

ELECTRONICS  TABLETS  TV LAPTOPS SMARTPHONES  They all emit a blue light that boosts mood and alertness in day.  It can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle.   PETS   Can disrupt your sleep cycle by waking at odd hours and wanting to play.   HALOGEN LIGHTS   They are a fire hazard because they get so hot.  DESKS   Bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping.  Avoid stressful activities. This should be a work-free zone.   EXCESSIVE LIGHT  Natural light can mess with your sleep.  Choose dark, thick curtains to block out light.   CLUTTER  Your mind may have a harder time relaxing among piles of dirty clothes and stacks of unread books.   ALCOHOL   Drinks right before bed may limit your deep sleep you need at night.  The next day you may be exhausted.     MSN Health and Fitness

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