Saturday, December 13, 2014

During this season filled with tree trimming, shopping, caroling and all the other festivities, let us stop and think about others.  Step aside for a few minutes and give some thought on how fortunate we are.  There are so many that may not be having the joyful time we are.  Recently, we have seen so much violence. A new epidemic of young black men being killed.  It does not matter what your personal beliefs on these matters are. Both families are suffering.  Of course, the victim's family will feel such a loss this holiday. No one should have to go through that.  The other family's life will never be the same either.  The wife and children of the policeman did not wish for all the controversy and media attention.  It is from their loved one's actions, not theirs.  Both sides need time to heal.  I agree talks and training need to be implemented.  But it is time for the reporters to leave the families alone. All the coverage, their personals opinions and the over-analyzing seems to just be stirring the pot more than actually helping anyone.  Mental illness was discussed publicly after the suicide of Robin Williams. But we know there were suicides before Mr. Williams and there will be more after.  Don't get me wrong, I feel for his family.  I believe a loved one's death by there own hands, would be harder to accept. There are sometimes unanswered questions.  Let's pray their deaths have not been in vain.  It has been long overdue for the stigma of mental illness to disappear. Nursing homes are filled with parents of children who feel the staff are a good substitute for their real families.  They leave the job of celebrating special occasions to them instead of actually visiting in person. During our moments of silence, let's think about them.  A lot of families will be separated this holiday season because they have a family member in the military. Even if you disagree on the reason of their mission, please remember they have a job to do.  They go where their Commander-In-Chief assigns them. Let's think about them. We need to support their spouses also.  They are raising the children alone.  They never know if this will temporary or a permanent situation. There is one group that goes unnoticed: the homeless.  While people seem to believe the solution is to get a job.  They seem to also want to believe they are happy with their living arrangements.  Do you really think anyone would enjoy sleeping outside in freezing weather or living in a cardboard box by an under-pass?  Maybe most people do not like to think about the homeless.  Mainly because a large percentage are veterans.  They served our country and now our country has conveniently forgotten them.  The last group we need to think about are defenseless: the children.  This year, especially, has shown that many children are neglected. Sure, we can put the blame on DFACS. The truth is they are overwhelmed.  When there is a horrific death of a child under their care, I am sure the guilt felt will last a lifetime.  There were so many cuts into services for children.  Many departments have people filling jobs that two or more used to hold.  They now have furloughs several days a month.  In a perfect world, children's needs would come before needless spending of our government.  All of these people need our prayers, our well wishes and our loving thoughts.  If enough of us do this, maybe they will hear a whisper in their ears telling them "You do matter and you are loved".

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  1. Mary Beth Graves11/29/2015

    I agree. Gratitude is the best attitude. Think I and prayers for others gets us out of self. My grandpa used to say, " Remember Mary, always remember from the cradle to the hearse, things can always be worse. The best and their families are grossly forgotten. Wonder how to send care packages.