Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you superstitious?

The following are some superstitions and traditions that are associated with New Years.  (1) Eat Good Luck Foods:  BLACK-EYED PEAS AND GREENS  They bring good luck and prosperity.   GRAPES 12  of them one for each month.  LENTILS  Resemble coins(means money)  PORK  Pigs root forward when they eat  Chickens scratch backwards   (2)Don't wash clothes.  You will "wash away" luck and this can cause a death in the family.  Some go as far as not washing the dishes or shampooing their hair until the 2nd.   (3)Nothing goes out of the house or you will be losing things during the upcoming year.  Something should be added to your house before anything is taken away.  Don't take out trash or food or anything.  Do it before midnight or wait till the 2nd.   (4)Open the doors at midnight to let out all the bad from the previous year.   (5)Fireworks, cheering, singing and noisemakers are believed to scare away evil spirits from entering your life in the next year.   (6)Kissing at midnight is a symbol that your affection and closeness will last all year.  So don't kiss a stranger, in case they end up being a weirdo.  Oh, kissing your pets do count.   (7)Sing "Auld Lang Syne "   (8)First person entering your home will influence the year you will have.  First footer should not have flat feet, crossed-eyes or a unibrow.   (9)What you do at New Year's is what you will do all year.   (10)Making resolutions  Many think about the past year and resolve to improve oneself in the new one.   (11)Pay off debts  This is should be done before Jan. 1.  This means you will start the new year with a fresh slate. You shouldn't pay out anything or make loans until the 2nd. Otherwise, you will have money leaving you.            

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