Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ain't No Cow Gettin Over That Moon

I usually go through the CVS drive-thru window when getting my prescriptions. You don't have to worry how you look.  You just pay, take your bag, and right on home.  No hassles. Well, that's how it usually goes.  One particular windy day, I was all set except for paying.  As I handed the young good-looking pharmacist my money, the twenty decided it wanted a tour of the parking lot.  Having no choice, I had to get out of my car and start chasing the bill down.  It landed once.  Trying to look dignified bending over with my big butt straight up in the air, I was too late. Up went my money again in the air. Well, by now I hear a loud roar of laughter coming from the window. The pharmacist is about in tears (did I mention he was Young and Nice Looking).  The second time of bending over and mooning everyone was also a failure. Getting extremely flustered and tired of making a spectacle of myself, I stumped down hard on the money. I finally grabbed it.  As I was walking back to my car, I saw a line had developed.  I have no idea how long everyone was there but I'm sure most caught the show. When I finally got to pay, the pharmacist remarked on how that was the funniest thing he has seen in a long time.  I just love being the butt of people's jokes.  (Pun intended)

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