Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Most Depressing States in the U.S.

=1=   ARKANSAS     =2=   INDIANA   The Midwest is very short of  psychiatrists.   =3=   KENTUCKY   =4=   MICHIGAN   =5=  MISSISSIPPI   The highest rate of depression in the nation at 14.8%.  It ranks third for frequent mental distress at 13.5%.   =6=  MISSOURI   =7=   NEVADA   1 in 11 residents have experienced at least one episode of major depression.   =8=  OKLAHOMA  Even the state rock song is depressing.  It is "Do you realize" by Flaming Lips.  "Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?  Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?".   =9=  TENNESSEE=  Nearly 10% of residents have experienced major depression episode.  70%  meet the criteria for depression, anxiety, or other mental disorder.  =WEST VIRGINIA=          HEALTH.COM

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