Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beware of always saying YES

I have found out in the past I had a habit of saying yes to friends about doing things, going places, etc.  The problem was the day I agreed I was in a super good mood.  But when that day came, my energy level had dropped considerably.  Of course, without explaining to my friends how my illness works, they did not understand.  Some people do not like for someone to cancel at the last minute regardless of  their reason.  I found by answering 'Yes I would like to go if I am having a good day".  Most friends will understand.  Those how don't, it seems hard for me to remain friends with. They truly do not want to tolerate the mood swings.  I believe they do no want to be inconvenienced.  I  have found people who are very impatient with me are not the best people to be around anyway.  I start feeling very insecure. I start apologizing . Which really means I am apologizing for my illness.  It is a part of me. Then in a way, they are not accepting me as I am.  As far as plans that are made in the future, if it something exciting, most likely I will be hype up anyway. I am talking about weddings, big social events, not Dr.'s appointments.  I 'm not up to those any day.  It's almost impossible on down, tired days.  My doctors are great about working with me. It took me awhile to understand and live with my disability.  Just like everything in life, you learn more as you go along.

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