Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gun Control

Recently there has been several mass shootings at varied places. Most have said the shooter had a history of mental illness. Some they described as having behavioral problems. One in particular stands out to me over the rest. The young man did have a history of odd behavior. Many witnesses have stated he was non-social.  He isolated himself from others. I am not sure if he was receiving treatment are not. What puzzles me is, why did his mom take him target practicing? She had admitted to others her son had emotional problems. He had acted out.  Did she feel he was not that bad? Did she close her eyes to the problem?  Maybe she felt that was good bonding time. Friends said she collected guns. She had them locked up. But apparently not good enough. He did know where they were. What is sad she trusted him and in the end he killed her also. If you knew someone(not yourself) who was going through a very rough time would you be concerned?  If they were acting odd, would you think having a gun around is wise?  I know from personal experience I have times where I am extremely angry.  This is not my usual disposition. But in the past years, my bi-polar has gotten worse. I honestly would not want a gun close to me. Would I use one?  People have swore up and down they would not, but in the blink of an eye they have. It's a split minute decision you can never take back.  Also what about the down moods?  The demons in your head can really convince you that you are worthless. These thoughts kick you when you're down. What if you are getting close to giving in to those voices?  The gun is in your house. Without using rational thinking, would you use it? Would you be able to see things will get better?  Can you see passed that dark tunnel?  The overall picture could turn out great. But you need to hold on and get passed this. People in that much pain are not thinking clearly. For me, I would not want myself or anyone I love to be tempted. This is not a post against owning a gun. That is a right. But how do you feel about background checks and if the individual has a history of mental illness be denied the right to buy one?

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