Sunday, December 22, 2013

Things you do not want to hear if you have depression

(1)  Snap out of it.  (2) It is all in your head.  (3) What do you have to be depressed about?  (4)  You sleep too much.  (5)  You are lazy.  (6)  This place is a mess.  What did you do all day?  (7)  I know you said you were exhausted, but this will only take a few minutes more to do.  (8)  Don't tell my family you are on medication for that.  It will embarrass me.  (9) Don't tell my family you go to a shrink.  They do not believe in them.  (10)  I don't understand, you could do it yesterday. (11)  You just want attention.  (12) It is just an excuse to get out of work.  (13)  I don't see why you can't hold a job.  You really do not have anything serious. 

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